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When experiencing the heartbreak of divorce, you want a competent, assertive attorney by your side to advocate for your rights and protect your family. Arnold Law and Mediation helps you understand your legal options and guides you toward solid solutions. We can help you with all aspects of your divorce, including:
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Child custody
  • Child visitation
  • Parenting time schedules
  • Parenting time expediting/ parenting consulting
  • Child support
  • Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE)
  • Mediation and collaborative divorce
Spousal maintenance
Getting divorced is difficult, but it should not lead to a financial crisis.  We help establish fair and equitable spousal maintenance, allowing you to continue to live as comfortably as before your marriage ended.

Child custody
For any parent, child custody is the most heart-wrenching aspect of divorce. We will advocate for your parental rights so you can raise your children in a fit, caring home.

Child visitation
If you are the noncustodial parent, divorce should not force you to miss the important milestones in your children’s lives. You need an attorney that will ensure you are given the opportunity to spend the quality time with your children required to encourage a strong connection with you. 

Parenting time expediting and parenting consulting
If and your former partner are disputing legal custody, parenting time or modifications, the court can appoint parenting time expeditors or parenting consultants. A parenting consultant acts as a neutral party who offers insight into the impact of your decision upon your children. A parenting expeditor also possesses arbitration power and the authority to make binding decisions.  You deserve an attorney that can provide these valuable services to focus your decisions on the best interest of your child.

Early Neutral Evaluations
Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a confidential alternative dispute resolution process designed to empower families and create expedited, amicable agreements about child custody, visitation and parenting plans.

Mediation and collaborative divorce
Mediation and collaborative practice put the decisions in your hands and can often provide more expedient, predictable results than going to trial. Our skilled negotiators can help you obtain the best possible divorce settlement while preserving amiable relationships in your family using the method – either mediation or collaborative – that is most ideally suited to your situation.

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